GCQ Store Operations


Welcome to the new normal!

As with all our peers in the food and beverage industry, your Mad Mark's Creamery familia has been working hard to keep all our stores open to serve our loyal patrons, whilst fighting to preserve the jobs of our employees. The health and well being of every team member and customer are of utmost importance so please expect several changes to our store operations for the next few months. 

Here's a rundown of what you can expect when visiting our stores: 

1. Strict compliance of government mandated safety protocols and guidelines

- We are strictly enforcing a no face-mask no entry policy for all our stores. Temperature checks and contact tracing forms will be provided for all guests and team members. Seating capacity has been reduced by 50% to ensure we are properly practicing social distancing. 

- Our stores and equipment are sanitized regularly. All eating utensils and plates used by our guests will be sanitized and wrapped individually to provide a safe and comfortable dining experience. 

- For food delivery, we provide contact tracing forms for all our riders. All items are packed properly and sealed to ensure that no one can tamper with your food delivery. 

2. Limited Menu Offerings 

- Our store menu has been tweaked to adjust to limited kitchen capacity, people ordering out, and food delivery services. Don't worry we are not skimping out on you guys just because there's a pandemic! We just wanted to make sure food quality is not compromised during delivery and that you get the same consistent experience you get from dining in our stores.

3. Limited Store Hours / Delivery Hours

- Due to GCQ and the limitations on public transportation for our team members, store hours have been reduced. Check out our facebook for more info or call in advance before going or booking an order as this depends on the location. 

Thanks again for everyone's unending support these past few months, most especially. 

Cheers to kindness and hope, take care and stay safe everyone!